Offensively good taste.

"You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit."



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Erwin Redl, Shifting, Very Slowly, 1998-9

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Good morning electric cloud ☁️⚡️ #storm #lightning #cloud awesome

Marlene Dietrich

my eyes hide from the sunlight. 👻👀 #greyhair #silverhair #androgyny

New hair 😱😇🙌 #greyhair #lavenderblonde


Organic tree chandeliers By Giuseppe Licari 

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Kate MacDowell Masterfully Crafts Porcelain Sculptures Inspired by Nature

  1. ants ate all my sugar
  2. buzz
  3. tart
  4. cross-pollination

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Lycoris radiata . A flower known in Japan as the “other shore flower.” “The other shore” is Nirvana, where earthly matters are “blown out” and replaced with enlightenment and nonphysical existence. ©Miles Devin 

overlooked beauty #rose #botany #photography #ethereal #purity


More Double Exposure Photography by Mylovt

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Daphne Groeneveld by Txema Yeste

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